Ria Ingleby

Yoga, Wellness and Lifestyle

The Health + Wellness Movement

The word 'Wellness' is now a household word. It's ultimately a modern word, for ancient roots that date back as far as 3000-1500 BC when Ayurveda, an Indian holistic system striving to create harmony between mind, body and spirit. That harmony has intrigued me for many years, particularly with the chronic disease, poor mental health and obesity crisis raging worldwide. It has become a huge part of what I do today. 

Over the last 20 years, I have walked a wide and varied path when its come to health, fitness and wellness. I have experienced most transitions and challenges that many modern women face today, from juggling work and life commitments, infertility, pregnancy, motherhood,  working parents moving mountains(!) and sadly a cancer diagnosis, resulting in surgical menopause. 

The ripples since the cancer diagnosis in 2014 ultimately helped me 'take stock' of what a woman needs to do to not only survive in the 21st century but Thrive. I've refined this into four foundation pillars to create harmony in mind, body and spirit with the integration of the knowledge and experiences I have had in that time.  

With my professional and personal experience, I can help you make healthy, realistic, sustainable lifestyle choices without the fads, quick fixes and gimmicks - to help you improve your health and wellness for now, and for the long-term. My world depended on me finding it...